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5G: What is it and what should I look for when buying a smartphone?

For some time now, 5G compatibility has been driving up smartphone prices as different manufacturers use different bands. In addition to far-fetched conspiracy theories, there are also legitimate concerns circulating about the new standard. Here we explain what they are and whether it's worth buying a 5G-capable smartphone.

But first things first:

What is 5G?

5G is currently the fastest possible standard for mobile internet, which has been spreading widely since 2019. As video streaming is booming on the go, faster and faster data transfers are required. With 5G, fast internet should be possible nationwide, but this is not only important for private users. There are three main areas of application:

  • eMBB : Enhanced Mobile Broadband, to put it simply, an extended mobile network. Thanks to high transmission speeds, it will be important for smartphone users in the future.

  • mMTC : Massive Machine Type Communication. Thanks to low power consumption and fast transmission speeds, devices and components can communicate efficiently with each other, which is important for logistics and large cities in the future, among other things.

  • uRLLC : Autonomous driving and automated processes in industry require ultra-reliable and low latency. These are services that require the shortest possible response time and cannot afford any failures..

What speeds will 5G reach?

Anyone who grew up with the E-network and rejoiced when H+ could be received will no doubt be pleased with the speeds that are possible today. 5G means:

  • Internet up to 100 times faster than 4G (LTE)

  • Up to 10 Gbit/s download speed

With this speed jump, it is clear that all wireless operators want to be at the forefront of technology. As if to mention one country's situation. In Germany, frequency allocation was centrally controlled by the federal government. And so it was in many countries at the beginning. But after na auction held in 2019, each provider was able to secure its own frequencies. Despite this, the market is very competitive.

-If you want to read more about 5G be sure to check out our article on "5G network and what's important when it comes to expansion."

What does this mean for my smartphone purchase?

Despite all the criticism, there is no doubt that 5G is the future. In 2019, the share of 5G smartphones was still 1%. If you want to be equipped for fast internet, you no longer have to pay large sums when buying a smartphone. However, you have to take into account some special features, because 5G is not always the same as 4G.

So it's no wonder that Apple, for example, has already released 2 iPhone 5G models.

Do I even need a smartphone with 5G technology now?


You can't get by with 4G speed anymore you should get yourself a smartphone with 5G technology now. Since you can no longer get around the new 5G standard with many high-end models, the question is also unnecessary in many cases. But if you are deciding between two different 5G smartphones, you should take a close look at which bands are installed.

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