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Location Intelligence

Whether you're establishing or expanding your fiber-to-the-x (FTTX) network, we can help you build a high-performing network quickly and cost-effectively with PHOTON.

PHOTON - Platform for Handling and Operating Telecom Optical Networks.

No matter what your fiber network's size or architecture, we can help you with unmatched ease of installation, rapid deployment and operational efficiency, and superior mechanical and optical performance, even in the harshest environments.

  • Automate FTTx design work.

  • Optimize the generation of FTTx network designs.

  • High-precision decisions based on data.

  • Gather your geospatial data (GIS) and engineering rules to generate feasibility, high and low level designs.

  • Generation of FTTH network designs (PON / GPON / NGPON +) complying with the specific network rules and standards.

  • Generation of materials (BOM's) in terms of the manufacturer and its equipment including quantities of labor (BOQ's).

  • Creation of splice tables from the FTTH design, to be delivered to construction teams in the field.

  • Creation of high quality network asset and liability work packages for construction teams.

Due to its high level of capillarity, implementing a FTTx network means collaborative work and PHOTON is designed on this principle to ensure that everyone can be an active part and have an innovative approach based on data. Impacting:

  • Network owners (Operator)

  • Network planning (Engineering)

  • Project financial area (CAPEX)

  • Operation & maintenance (OSP engineers)

Let's work

Let's work


We are here to deliver solutions to your mission-critical telecom needs and help modernize the way your organization works.

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