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A visit to La Guajira

Our company, LDNetworks is proud announce a recent installation that took place in Colombia. It was a connection project that we have carried out in La guajira area.

On this special occasion our team had the opportunity to work set up a system to provide connectivity in the Colombian department of La Guajira. But what makes this story one worth telling is that we brought connectivity to a school within an indigenous community. The school that benefited from the connection is called INSTITUCIÓN ETNOEDUCATIVA RURAL ASHAJAA DE JAMUCHECHON.

The installation was from scratch. All kinds of connectivity-related activities had to be carried out. As can be seen in the pictures, from the installation of a 24 meter high monopole to the cabling required to provide the service. In addition, the solar panel required to power the system was also installed. The site is connected by radio link and is fully functional.

About 100 people live in the indigenous community of La Guajira, so this is the number of people who will be able to enjoy the service. And among them 60 are students of the Ashajaa de Jamuchechón Rural Ethno-educational Institution.

The work was carried out by different team members working together. The whole installation was divided into 2 stages. The first one in which the metal pole was installed to provide quality Internet service on one side and the solar panel system was installed in conjunction with the internet service on the other.

The installation of the system provides an Internet service of 23 downstream and 11 upstream for the entire community of about 500 meters -as long as the area is clear-.

LDNetworks and all its team had the opportunity to live a beautiful experience. Team members got to know a lot about the local people and their culture. They all shared meals, special dances and the locals received LDNetworks very kindly.

LDNetworks was part of the local indigenous community for a few days, sharing food and even dances - It was a great experience.

We are happy to know that thanks to our company, indigenous communities are experiencing Internet access and access to electricity for the first time.

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