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How important is the Internet for a freelancer?

Internet is the key tool for Freelancers. After the COVID-19 pandemic, Home Office and Freelancer jobs are trending, because it proved to be a beneficial option for both the employer and the worker. However, there are some requirements that it imposes and among these we find a good internet connection.

Internet is something elementary, since it will allow you to perform your work better and to be in constant communication with your clients. In many cases, a 5G connection is recommended, since there are some activities where the speed demand is high. It also has other benefits such as greater stability in the connection. Now let's see some of the jobs you can do and the demand they require.

Programming web pages and web applications

Programming is one of the activities that flows under the Home Office or Freelancer modality. The reason is that it can be done from the comfort of home and all updates can be done remotely. However, it requires constant and fast connectivity, especially if you have to access a physical server of the client.

In the latter case, you require applications such as TeamViewer which demands a connection of at least 20 mbps, although 50 mbps is recommended. This is because the amount of streaming data you need to access and control the server is quite large.

We can also find a high demand for internet, managing platforms such as Wordpress. Most of the web design plugins, such as Elementor, WP Bakery or DIVI, are quite complex and heavy in their interface. A slow connection prevents you from accessing the editor slowing down the updates you need to make.

For this type of work, fast connection between 50 mbps to 100 mbps is recommended. It also helps to have dual band systems, one with 5G and another with the traditional 2G.

Graphic design

Graphic design is another area of work that demands incredible connectivity, considering the weight of the images and even how heavy some image creation and editing tools are. For example Photoshop can weigh between 2GB to 5 GB of space, which with a poor connection would be very problematic to download, considering that the data transmission can be interrupted at any time, also taking into account, the time it would last.

We also consider the uploading of the images, either in the email or on the platform where it seeks to be placed, either on a social network or on a web platform. In both cases, it requires that the connection is fast, so that each element is uploaded quickly and speed up the processes.

Blogger/Content writer

Writing blog articles is a fairly common and profitable activity, however it requires a good internet connection. Due to the access to information sources that you must look for to write the articles, in addition to the verification of anti-plagiarism tools such as Duplichecker.

For these jobs we recommend that you have a minimum connection of 15 mbps, although the best is 30 mbps or more, considering that you can have several active tools sending and receiving data at the same time.

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