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Internet services to work from Nicaragua

There are several options for internet services to work from Nicaragua, whether within the national territory or in other countries.

Having a stable connection is important due to the increasing trend of remote work or freelancing, which offers benefits for both workers and companies. However, this also creates a need for a good internet connection.

Internet services to work from Nicaragua

If you are looking for internet service options for your home to carry out your daily work activities, we have 2 options for you.

Fiber optic internet

This is currently the fastest connection, allowing for dual-band connections in both 3G and 5G. It is ideal for urban areas with access to wired connections and is suitable for households with multiple devices and streaming connections.

The speed of this connection is 1 Gbps, making it the fastest option. However, the only issue is that it is not available everywhere. It requires accessibility to wired connections, which means that rural areas or low-income areas may not have access to this service.

Telephone line internet

Currently, this is the most commonly used option as it is the most affordable on the market. This type of connection is not as fast, reaching speeds of up to 400 Mbps, and only operates on a single band. It is recommended for homes with fewer devices and fewer connections to streaming platforms.

Similar to fiber optic internet, it is not available in areas without cable networks for the connection. Although it tends to be available in low-income areas, it is not common in rural regions.

Satellite internet

Satellite internet is the slowest among the options mentioned, although it is still usable. It should be noted that these connections are fast but not as competitive as the other two. Its maximum speed can reach 100 Mbps, and it requires special antennas to receive the signal.

One advantage of satellite internet is that it can be accessed from anywhere, including rural areas, airplanes, ships, and more. Since it uses the air as a medium of connection, it has few limitations. So, if you cannot access wired services, satellite internet is likely your best option.

When choosing one of these connections, consider the conditions of your location and the activities you will be performing to select the best option for you.

Is internet necessary for entrepreneurship in Nicaragua?

The answer is yes, as you need to be in continuous contact with your clients, often through video conferencing. This implies the need for a stable and fast connection that allows for constant communication, clear conversations, and the ability to finalize negotiations with your clients.

Internet is also necessary for carrying out online services, whether it involves researching information, accessing servers via TeamViewer, creating websites, posting on social media, and more.

These mentioned activities require a certain level of internet connectivity. You can consult with us, and we will gladly advise you on the most suitable service for your needs.

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