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Is a satellite Internet connection recommended?

Satellite internet connection is one of the most used methods to get fast internet. This offers fast speed connection when it comes to sending information, also to use streaming platforms, as is the case of Netflix or Steam.

There are many cases in which this type of connection is convenient and even necessary, due to the infrastructure of your geolocation. Let's see the cases where it is advisable to install a satellite internet connection and its advantages.

Where a satellite Internet connection is convenient?

Satellite internet is convenient in areas where fiber optic cable and telephone lines are difficult to reach. Because it uses the air for the connection, it does not require important facilities in the locality or access points near your place of residence.

This means that this type of connection can be used all over the world, even in vehicles transporting people by sea and air. In fact, Elon Musk has taken the first step to launch a project of this type of Internet for heavy vehicles.

The most common areas that are installed this style of technology or connection are rural areas, due to the few means of transmission used in these areas of the world.

Advantages of satellite connections

The main advantage of the satellite connection system is its portability, since you only need to have a receiving antenna and the router to distribute the signal in the environment. You can move and take the equipment with you to connect to your new place of residence, the only thing is that you must notify the company that provides the service to configure the equipment for the new address of the house.

Another advantage is the low maintenance required for its operation. Unlike wired systems, whether fiber optic or telephone cables, they need maintenance, change of wiring, repeater equipment and other procedures that will interrupt your Internet connection for a while.

Finally, satellite connections maintain high speeds for in-home connection systems. These can range from 2mbps to 20 mbps, which allows you to connect and do all the business you need to do, including playing heavy video games online.

Disadvantages of satellite connections

Despite the great advantages of satellite connections, they also have some weaknesses. The first is network latency, i.e. the loss of packets of transmitted data due to the conditions of the medium through which they flow, i.e. the air.

It should be noted that the connection can be considerably weakened if the environment is charged with static or humidity. Therefore, it is not recommended in places with high levels of precipitation, which can significantly affect the quality of the connection.

The transfer speed is good, as mentioned above, however, it also has a disadvantage in that it is the slowest transfer medium available on the market. For example, optical fiber can reach 1 gbps, while a wired telephone network can reach up to 37 mbps.

To conclude we can say that for environments with low accessibility of internet services and for people with constant changes of residence, it is advisable to use satellite connections.

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