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Maximizing the Use of Light and Heavy Tools for Fiber Optic Maintenance and Construction

In the fiber optic maintenance and construction process, the use of tools is combined with skilled labor to get the best results and maximize the use of light and heavy tools so as to lower the cost of expenses.

The importance of high quality tools

Although many believe this is an overrated step, in the field of fiber optic maintenance tooling, it requires a lot of attention because of the specificity. To accomplish the installation or proper maintenance of fiber optics, there are items that require preparation to be used.

Light tools

This is the case of potentiometer equipment to measure the quality of light passing through the cabling. Allowing you to configure the quality that is being transmitted from that cable.

It is also important to mention the cutter and splicer, which are two precision tools that must be used together to ensure that the fiber installation is correct. Since the first one allows to leave the cut clean so that later it joins with the rest of the connections.

White light microscopes will be important to verify if a connection was made successfully. Also in fiber optic maintenance it will be possible to see if the connectors require cleaning or something else. This device is used when the fiber is not connected to the light.

Heavy tools

In the case of heavy tools, there are also a number of important elements that allow maximizing the use of them. This is the case of micro-trenchers, machines that are responsible with precision for digging the shallowest trenches and the right width to work with the optical fiber. This prevents large trenches from being dug that could interrupt any other type of service passing through the area.

Job safety as a guarantor of fiber optic construction and maintenance

In most parts of the world, occupational safety is an issue that must be guaranteed when performing all kinds of work. In the area of fiber optic maintenance and construction, occupational safety is a priority in planning. This is due to the high risk involved in handling materials that can be harmful, as well as the field work itself, which requires high hazards.

When physical and mental integrity of the workers is safe, the results are always better. To do this, all employees involved must be fully trained to perform tasks that are risky and they should know how to solve problems correctly.

Thus, the ways of handling cables, light sources, and chemical pollutants, are taught to all work teams. This will maximize that at the moment of using the tools for the construction and maintenance of fiber optics, everyone knows how to do it, reducing the risks of work accidents.

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