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Technological innovations that are already among us

The way in which Internet users move through the web 3.0 will be accompanied more and more closely by virtual reality, NFT, blockchain, among other driving elements of a new reality that arrived to show the almost unlimited power of the digital world, transforming Sites into more intelligent and accessible ones.

It is clear that technology is advancing at an accelerated pace that could make us lose sight of some developments that are coming to change the way human beings communicate, work, socialize and recreate. Therefore, below we present the most important ones so that you can be up to date and be part of the digital evolution:

Artificial Intelligence

Experts in the area are working hard to make life increasingly comfortable in the face of everyday life, as shown by the AI domestic robots. Therefore, the focus would be on software applications, as they also seek to apply and interconnect the same technology in household appliances, mobile devices, vehicles and more.

There was a lot of criticism when ChatGPT was presented in 2022, especially when it came to performing simple arithmetic calculations. However, experts on the subject assure that, if details such as the one mentioned above are perfected, it will be possible to have conversational bots that facilitate educational, therapeutic, domestic and work processes.

The metaverse brings more

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta (formerly Facebook) recently announced that he promises to raise the technological bar by allowing people to replace their PC's with virtual reality glasses. This promise was made during the presentation of the Meta Quest Pro, which ratifies the strength and intensity with which he hopes to bring society into a new year. Likewise, it could be known that Microsoft, Zoom, Adobe, would be some of the collaborators in this ambitious proposal.

It should be noted that the surprise, if it can be called that way, would come from the hand of the American company, Apple and specifically from the hand of the company's CEO Tim Cook, who after stating repeatedly that they would never be associated with the word "metaverse" could be announcing very soon the launch of its first virtual viewer. And although no details have been leaked, Cook has hinted at his excitement in various meetings with experts on the subject.

Another sector that promises to embrace everything new from now on is the graphics sector, as they are in the insistent search for another option of reality, it is essential for them that the operation and everything that involves the visual part are on par or above what we observe today.

Blockchain 4.0 promises

Adequate in a novel vision, speed and user satisfaction, coupled with the usefulness of a much larger number of users, will be fundamental variables in the systems that group transactions with cryptocurrencies. Analysts agree that this year will see the establishment of even more protocols to regulate and control information systems and the procedures that support them in order to share data and enable the exchange of information and knowledge between them.

It is worth mentioning that concrete solutions could finally be adapted to the cases of transgressions to the privacy of Internet users, which already exceed 4,700 users in social networks worldwide. As well as the control of data and the relevance of the content published there.

End of the 5G wait

An absolutely desired arrival is represented by the fifth generation of mobile networks, opening up a range of opportunities for an undoubtedly globalized interconnection, with the handling of very large data allowing the advancement of a new way of accessing solutions, perfecting the way to get there, to an astonishing level.

Locks and migrations

In order to ensure the protection of sensitive information and data, the Biden administration will continue to block the social network Tik tok from the mobile devices of federal workers in the U.S. After Byte Dance, owner of the company based in China, indicated that a group of workers had irregularly obtained data from U.S. users.

Therefore, it could be considered that the use of certain social networks will continue to be an important issue in the future.

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