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What is FTTH Basic Principles and Why Is It Important?

FTTH means Fiber To The Home, it is a fiber optic cable connection that is directly installed into your house or apartment.

A fiber optic cable is no longer only laid to the junction box on the sidewalk or in the basement of the house, but directly into your house or apartment.

Optical fiber FTTH is the future in the field of communication: even the largest amounts of data and information are literally sent at the speed of light.

The fiber optic network is the only network that manages what companies will urgently need in the future in order to meet the ever increasing demands in workflow and data flow.

High-speed internet, ultra-television HD and telephoning with the highest voice quality - all of this is available at the same time via only one connection: FTTH. Because with this modern fiber optic network, download speeds of up to Gigabyte levels which covers needs for both personal and commercial use.

Light waves allow a greater distance between the exchange and the household. In addition, there is no data loss. The fiber optic cable is less sensitive to interference from electronic influences or magnetic fields, for example.

Why is FTTH important?

Fiber To The Home (FTTH) guarantees that the data stream flows instantaneously at full capacity.

This is so because residents do not have to share the connection with others.

Every single household owns its own connection. The same happens with the conventional network of copper lines for DSL today. VDSL, a network that is partly equipped with fiber optics, still uses conventional copper cables. These connections from the distribution box to the house offer lower transfer rates. Transfers are significantly reduced and the speeds collapse. Only with FTTH you get a 100% copper-free fiber optic network right into your home.

Advantages of Fiber To The Home

An FTTH connection enhances your property and makes it more attractive. Houses and apartments with fiber optic connections offer contemporary digital convenience for residents and guests. Companies are more likely to settle where broadband internet is available.

  • Wider

Fiber optic offers the highest bandwidth - several users can always perform a huge number of actions at the same time without any problems.

  • More environmentally friendly

The fiber optic network requires 17 times less energy for the data flow than a copper network and does not generate any electromagnetic radiation.

  • Maximum quality

Better than cables made from other materials.

  • Faster

For physical reasons, FTTH cables are the fastest of all. Thanks to FTTH the data rushes through the network at the speed of light.

  • More reliable

The operational reliability is incomparably higher than with other cables - less sensitive to cold, moisture, magnetic fields, electronic Influences, or any other external factors.

What are the components required to establish the connection?

In order to establish the connection to the FTTH, 4 components are required inside your house or apartment:

  1. House transfer point

  2. Fiber optic subscriber line

  3. Network terminator

  4. Router

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