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Why do hackers increase during the summer season?

Summer is synonymous with vacations, fun and relaxation. But not everyone takes the opportunity to rest, hackers benefit from this season to carry out massive attacks and breach security systems, both of small companies and personal cell phones, appealing to the fact that we all prioritize recreation.

But understanding why this phenomenon occurs during the summer season will help to prevent and avoid that they can easily enter the systems of companies that took a few days off, and those who enjoy the sunny days.

Companies that provide both cloud and mobile security are a great option to face the summer season, without viruses and computer theft.

Ransomware the favorite of the summer season

As it is known, ransomware attacks have grown throughout the year 2022, and they have become the way hackers access the data of many companies and institutions worldwide.

During the summer season, some security measures are relaxed, backups are not updated with the common frequency, and this can lead to hackers gaining access to systems to steal all the information. It is vitally important that large and small companies alike, comply with their security schedules and generate computer backups.

Cell phones are at risk with BRATA

This new mobile virus is starting to generate alarm signals around the world. Since it enters Android systems and appropriates all the information inside the cell phone. The Brazilian Remote Access Tool Android is spreading during the summer season in the form of phishing. According to the registry, it started as a Trojan that stole passwords, but nowadays, it has the ability to steal all the information inside the mobile device.

The serious thing is that it is capable of imitating all the movements of bank apps. Generating chaos and confusion for millions of users of these apps. Nobody wants to panic in the middle of the summer season. That is why it is important to pay attention to which links are opened and installed on cell phones.

How to protect yourself from security breaches on vacation

  • ­Quality and secure physical devices: Any device that connects to our networks can leave the data on it exposed. That is why you should always verify that routers, external memories, disks and others have security levels that protect the data.

  • Keys: Information should be stored in a safe, just as if it were kept in a safe. Both in companies and in cell phones, passwords allow restricting unwanted access. They can also be used to delay the use of information in the case of cell phones.

  • Backup copies: Although backup copies are a task that should always be performed. Before the start of the summer season it is important to leave schedules to perform them.

  • Monitoring and updating: In the case of cell phones we often rush to open any link that enters, however, monitoring and paying attention to what is being consumed, which links should be opened and which should be ignored, will allow not to have a bad time.

Updating antivirus software and apps so that they work properly is another way to protect yourself from hackers during the summer season. Since it will give less room to fall in duplicate links but similar to those of banks or real hosting applications.

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