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Why we should continue to use SMS in world full of instant messaging apps

Although many think that the communication channel that is established from SMS, is being forgotten in the past, the truth is that this type of messaging never goes out of fashion to be intercommunicated. Although the way of using it has evolved and it is no longer used to exchange information from person to person, there is a great advantage to using SMS for commercial companies in general.

How SMS work

We have all wondered how companies or campaigns have the capacity to provide massive information. Well, the SMS option allows that through the use of a phone number, you can create with keywords, or with company slogans a massive sending of SMS, so that the communication with a work team or with customers in general, is developed in a more natural and fluid way.

At the same time, a way will be created where the company will be able to receive answers, so that the information will not be sent in a unidirectional way. Instead, it will allow interaction to give immediate response.

Common SMS and the advantages as a marketing strategy

Nowadays, there are many bets for people to be more and more efficiently communicated. However, it has been proven that SMS is still superior to a call that can interrupt the moment. Messaging is one of the great allies of marketing, since it allows that with a smaller budget, a message can be massively disseminated and there is a cost-effective way to communicate.

Its easy configuration makes the impact it generates wide. The use of SMS plays a fundamental role in marketing campaigns. It is a direct way that connects companies with customers or potential customers, occupying as little time as possible, and allowing them to become part of the brand experience. The ability to reach any cell phone with a cell phone signal expands the possibility of global delivery.

Benefits of using SMS

First of all, they become personalized messages with immediate delivery. This creates more precise communication links. From your company you can monitor statistics such as how many people opened the message, how many have responded. And having the number of each person makes it more welcome since, nowadays, data such as cell phone numbers are considered sensitive when it comes to being shared. The possibility of doing all this for lower costs is another of the great advantages of SMS.

Secondly, the simplicity of SMS works in favor of reaching the entire population. All mobile devices have this service. The ease of being able to transmit a message in just a few characters also makes it easy for the receiver to understand the message. There is no need to click anything extra, just take the cell phone and click on the SMS and people cross with the information, showing that the delivery of SMS is immediate and without intermediaries.

Finally, the reliability of SMS is greater than an email or a fast-track app contact. Since it does not have large files or attached information, it limits the possibility of fraudsters or other unscrupulous people using this medium to commit crimes. It is also traditionally known that telephone companies, banks, television and other large-scale chains, have this type of communication with their customers or potential customers, by virtue of shortening the contact times for truthful and immediate information.

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